Transaction Advisory Services

Companies looking for local and global deals face strong competition for quality assets and stakeholder scrutiny regarding acquisitions. We offer our clients comprehensive advisory services for the acquisition or investment in all types of assets classes in Spain. Having the capability to provide legal services at any stage of the deal we can customize our services to your needs: from specific consultations to the supervision of the whole transaction. Our professionals have broad experience representing the interests of international investors in real estate, equipment and other transactions.

Real Estate Transactions

We can advice you during any real estate transaction in Spain performing a due diligence of the asset to avoid any hidden risks or problems. Structure a smooth and tax efficient transaction with our help for both residential and commercial real estate properties (buildings, offices, hotels, etc.).

Acquisition of Equipment

Spain currently offers a great opportunity to international investors interested in either acquiring industrial equipment for the purposes of exporting it for using in their home countries or launch its own production in Spain. We have broad experience in assisting international clients to acquire equipment either directly or in bankruptcy procedures.

Other Investments

Are you thinking about investing in Spain other than in the real estate market? If you are planning to invest in any business or company in Spain don´t hesitate to contact us in order to analyze the opportunity (e.g. licenses, permits, tax and social security claims, etc.) and plan the most efficient way of structuring the deal.