Citizenship and Immigration Services

We are ready to provide you full support with any required citizenship and immigation services in Spain you might need: visas, nationality, work and residence permit. If you are planning to submit a request for residence or you are planning to move to Spain requesting a work permit, we can guide you through the whole administrative process. Also if you are an investor planning to open a business in Spain contact us understanding the best structuring possibilities, learn how to manage your human capital (relocation, hiring, etc.) and know the benefits you might use.

Short Stay VISA

Spain is a member of the Schengen zone so any short stay visa would allow you to enter the Schengen zone for a maximum period of 90 consecutive days. The short stay VISA is commonly used for tourism, business, visit of family members, assitance to courses or seminars and similar events.

It is mandatory requiste for obtaining the short stay VISA to provide sufficient proof of the reasons of the visit (e.g. hotel reservation, air tickets, invitation letters, programe of the seminar, etc.).

Additionally, the person requesting a short stay VISA would usually need to demonstrate financial solvency and provide health certificate where applicable.

Our professionals are ready to fully support you in the request of short stay VISA in Spain.

Spanish Residence Permit

In 2014, Spain granted
residence permits

Spanish immigration law offers different residence permit modalities:

  • non-lucrative residence: allows to reside in Spain does not grant the right to engage in any professional activity or employment;
  • family class residence: granted for reuniting with a family member who is neither a spaniard nor a national of the European Union but is resident of Spain;
  • residence permit in support of entrepreneurship and internationalization: for investors, entrepreneurs, highly skilled migrants, researchers and intra-group secondments;
  • authorization to work: can be granted to non-Spanish who got residence permit for also engaging into an employment or self-employment situation;
  • residence with exception of work permit: for specific professionals, researches, artists, journalists, etc.
  • residence for special circumstances: granted in specific cases for international protection and humanitarian reasons.

Spanish Nationality

Spanish nationality for
foreigners granted in 2014

A foreign national can obtain Spanish nationality in following cases:

  • nationality by residence: possible in those cases where the foreign citizen has been residing in Spain for over 10 consecutive years;
  • nationality by naturalization: to be granted discretionary by the Government in specific circumstances;
  • nationality by Spanish origin: for those born from Spanish father or mother and also in those cases where born in Spain from foreigner if one of the parents was born in Spain;
  • nationality for possession of state: for those cases where the person has thought it had Spanish national in bona fide for over 10 years (and the person did actually not have the Spanish nationality);
  • nationality by option: offered to foreigners who are in a specific situation and also when the person is or has been subject to parental authority of a Spanish national or when one of the parents had Spanish nationality and was born in Spain;
  • nationality for Sephardis: which were originary from Spain under Law 12/2015, of 24 June

Other Services

We are also ready to assist you also in the following arrangements to ease up your relocation or investment in Spain:

  • obtaining Spanish identification number (Número de Identidad de Extranjeros – NIE) which is mandatory for any type of activity in Spain (acquisition of real estate, company incorporation, etc.);
  • opening bank accounts in EUR /USD and access to bank lending for natural persons and companies;
  • subscription of all types of insurance policies;
  • obtaining work permits and managing Social Security relationship.

Feel free to address our professionals with any question you might have. We are sure we can help!