Business Law

Under the current configuration of market rules it is mandatory to focus on the entrepreneur and the company as active agents in the economy. The company is a complex socio-economic reality, which shall not be framed within the limits of the corporate and commercial law. The problems of the modern businesses require comprehensive and multidisciplinary solutions across different areas of law.

Contract Law

Comprehensive advice for the development and negotiation of all types of agreements, included but not limited to the following:

  • sale-purchase agreements and related contracts;
  • partnership agreements: commission, agency, mediation and distribution;
  • transportation agreements;
  • drafting and review of general terms and conditions;
  • international contract law practice.

Company Law

We are ready to provide you all and any company law services in Spain, Switzerland, Russia and the Netherlands:

  • company incorporation;
  • amendments to the charter: changes in company name, registered address, objects clause and share capital, etc.;
  • structural changes: mergers and acquisitions, spin-off, etc.;
  • company dissolution and liquidation.

Corporate Governance

We help you to implement the necessary mechanisms to ensure compliance:

  • liability of the governing bodies;
  • shareholder agreements;
  • company secretarial services;
  • regulations of the Board of Directors and the General Meeting as well as other internal regulations;
  • reports on corporate governance, Corporate Governance Codes and other company information.

We understand the complexity of running a business and therefore are capable to offer specific legal advice across multiple jurisdictions on the most relevant issues through the whole business lifecycle: from incorporation of the legal entity to its dissolution and extinction.

  • Incorporation

    Assistance with choice of jurisdiction and company form, shareholder agreements, incorporation of companies, investment agreements, confidentiality agreements, etc.

  • Growth and development

    Distribution agreements, collaboration agreements, protection of industrial and intellectual property, due diligence, opening of branches and subsidiaries, subcontracting, etc.

  • Day-to-day company management

    Contract law, corporate development strategies, regulatory compliance, corporate governance, risk management, international transactions, challenging corporate agreements, mergers and acquisitions, etc.

  • Restructuring

    Business restructuring, debt refinancing, sale of assets to domestic and international investors, advice in bankruptcy proceedings, etc.